Chasing Christmas: Rodeo Romance, Book 5


Ashley, a well-known publicist, manages to convince her client, and cousin, Chase to agree to a fake wedding to garner publicity and sponsors for his bull riding. The girl is to be picked by a written contest, and Jessie is that lucky bride, which comes as a surprise to her since she did not enter. Her friend entered for her in a move she thinks will push Jessie out of her comfort zone. That is exactly what happens when it’s uncovered that they are mistakenly, genuinely married. Both Chase and Jessie promise themselves they will not fall in love as they move forward figuring things out, but life ultimately has different plans for them.

This yummy, well-written romance plays on cowboys’ stereotypical chivalry and amps up the desire making every reader lust after their own cowboy. Unfortunately, this story is predictable with only slight alterations to the expected. Also, some of the characters’ reactions are unbelievable, no one in today’s society would agree to be a fake bride to a man she never met, won in a contest she didn’t enter. When the book concludes, one big question is not answered nor is it hinted at again. Even with these imperfections, this tale is likely to make its audience heady with pheromones and desire and just might make cowboy hats and boots fly off the shelves.

Yannie Sorensen