Break Your Heart (Bounty Bay Book 5)


Sam Ngata needs a fiancée badly, quickly and most importantly—temporarily.  His brother and partner in their woodworking business has told their big investor that Sam is a stable, family-man kind of guy. Unfortunately, Sam is anything but. Love and long-term are for someone else.  Vee Sullivan has had a crush on Sam since they were kids, but she was always just his kid sister’s annoying friend.  Now she’s lusting after a retail space in Sam’s building, but she can’t afford it. A single mom and businesswoman, she can’t afford to play around, but when Sam offers her a deal—play his fiancée for a short time and he’ll cut her a deal on the property she wants—how can she refuse? The only problem: this deal might break her heart.

Readers who haven’t yet tried Tracey Alvarez’s books are in for an absolute treat. This fifth book in the Bounty Bay series stands easily on its own but will have readers hurrying back to booksellers to buy the first four stories and clamoring for the next.  Set in New Zealand, “Break Your Heart” is exotic and beautiful, giving readers a lively introduction to the islands and their Maori culture.  Ms. Alvarez is a master character builder. Vee’s intensity and wonderfully creative and humorous cursing perfectly balance out Sam’s laid-back-artist’s island personality. The plot, though well worn, feels new and alive in this author’s capable hands. Funny, emotionally packed, and sizzlingly sexy, “Break Your Heart” will have every reader heading back to Bounty Bay time and time again. A new favorite!

Marc Joseph