Blown Into Romance (Welcome to Romance #4)


Brooke Roberts was on her way to Seattle when a storm blew her into the town of Romance. Taken in by the caring community, she decides to settle down and open a glass blowing studio.  Determined to take part in her new community, she participates in the fall festival to fundraise for the local animal rescue and comes face to face with the handsome and reliable Blayne Grundy. Blayne is busy handling a ranch and several committees, but something about Brooke draws him near. When she adopts a mama pig and her babies, Brooke turns to Blayne for help caring for them. With abundant piggy chaos, Brooke and Blayne have plenty of chances to get closer, but Brooke has a guarded heart, and it might take more than adorable piglets to break through.

A small town contemporary tale, “Blown Into Romance” is the fourth book in the “Welcome to Romance” series. A stand-alone tale, with a bright setting and quick pace, the story feels like a short story and has all the traits of a predictable but cute boy-meets-girl tale, with the pigs as the twist to the story. While the characters have some depth, and the romance is sweet, the conflict feels a bit contrived and rushed at the end. Still, the pigs Brooke adopts adds some fun to the tale, and the hero and heroine fit together well. Overall, lovers of contemporary romance should add this one to their to-read list.

Sarah E Bradley