All the Different Ways Love Can Feel


ANTHOLOGY:  A collection of short stories that explore different types of relationships and varying types of love — ranging from the devotional, the passionate, and the pure — this anthology features diverse characters at different stages of life. The stories include those of a single father dealing with the ghosts of his past while raising his son, a boy at bat with his father looking on, a Red Sox fan angry with George Steinbrenner, the tale of an elderly man wanting to try out for a professional baseball team, and many more.

A powerful collection of contemporary stories, “All the Different Ways Love Can Feel” explores just that, illustrated by short moments in people’s lives. Although each story is different, all of them are steadily paced, with emotion that leaps off the page. Some of the stories are complex, and each one highlights different relationships and feelings, so that readers might identify with one or another, but probably not all eleven. There are moments where the characters' voices blend together, making it hard to distinguish them from one another, or where the point of view is unreliable. However, readers looking for depth and vibrant emotion in their stories will find this collection has plenty to offer.

Sarah E Bradley