Novella - 2018 (4 finalists)

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Love this book!

Wonderfully researched and well-written book!

You have my vote.  

You have my vote.

Wonderful novella

Good book.

Wonderfully written, bravo!

Mia Pride is an amazingly creative writer.  It is easy for me to picture in my mind what she wants the readers to see.  It is difficult to put her books down.  She has become my new favorite author.  

Love your books!

Has not written one book that I don't love!  Hope this is how I vote, because although I think all authors are great just for putting themselves out there, Mia stands out with her books.

All of this authors books are so captivating and beautifully written!  

There seems to be a high standard this year

I love the romantic chemistry in this story! Kristen's book are fun to read and stimulate the imagination-always a fan!

Mia pride is the best 

Love Mia Pride’s The Warrior’s Wager, great story with strong storytelling!

Through Her Eyes ~  Deborah CampAwesome book.  Planned on reading for a few hours each night but couldn't put it down and finished it all in one late night. Great details

Love this entire series! You've got my vote!

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