Smoke and Mirrors (The Ever Chace Chronicles #3)


Ever Chase is bound by a curse that hides her true heritage, and terrified of losing everything if she says the words to break it in order to reclaim her powers and knowledge as a Valkyrie Queen. Her true father is waking, and once he does, he will hunt her down and kill both her and her werewolf mate Derek, just as he has in all of her previous lifetimes. Derek has no idea why his lovely mate is asking for space. Torn between his mate and tracking down a monster that murders rare and powerful unsubs, Derek has several tough choices to make. Unfortunately, time is running out for him to get answers and stop the murderer who has set his sights on Derek’s team.

The third book of “The Ever Chace Chronicles” picks up right where the previous books left off with interesting characters, mysterious pasts, threats on every side, and one huge truth hanging over Ever’s head. Unfortunately, Ever is at her weakest in this book, which will frustrate readers as she makes her choices. The plot, while engrossing, is split between Ever and her curse and the monster killing unsubs. The secondary storyline starts promisingly, with high tension and mystery, but concludes quickly, and seems to serve only to move the main story line along. In truth, this causes the whole book to read as if it is building up for several big plot changes. However, the story ends in a clichéd cliffhanger, which only an excellent fourth book can resolve.

Sarah E Bradley