Adventures in Pitching a Novel to Hollywood


I recently had the supreme pleasure of crossing something off my author bucket list when I pitched my novel to some heavy-hitting Hollywood producers as a great concept for a feature film.This opportunity blew past my desk like a tornado one day, and in my never-say-never optimism, I got myself an invitation to the pitching party and was on a plane three days later.Although the event was called “Adapting to Hollywood”, I secretly called it “Kim Goes to Hollywood”. I spent as much time reworking my movie pitch on the plane as I had wondering what power outfit to wear that said, “This gal is a Winner!” Sisters in Crime is an organization for female writers of crime, mystery, suspense, or thrillers, and their Hollywood chapter had organized a free event that included talks on how to get your book in front of producers, pitching, writing a screenplay, and how to navigate the contract when Hollywood calls. I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and even though I had to get four days off work from my day job (and borrow my son’s pizza delivery paycheck to pay for the plane ticket) I was determined to pitch my high-concept novel, “The Dream Jumper’s Promise” over the three-day event to any producers who would listen.

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