Falling For June: Episode 9

Heather B.

Today was the day June would be leaving paradise—Maui—with her two best friends, Sydney and Maria. They’d had a wonderful vacation, although June had spent most of it with their gorgeous and charming bungalow neighbor, Lance. From the moment June had met Lance, there’d been an unmistakable attraction on both sides. And Sydney and Maria had stayed out of the way for the most part.
But now, at the Maui airport, Sydney and Maria both confronted June.“So you gave him your phone number?” Sydney asked, her usually flawless lips pulled into a concerned frown.“And you have his number?” Maria asked, her olive-skinned arms crossed over her chest as she stared at June with her deep brown eyes.“Yes,” June said. “We have each other’s numbers, and he said he’d call, all right?” She was feeling put on the spot because she didn’t want to tell her best friends everything. June supposed it was her own self-defensive act in case Lance didn’t call. Or if he did, and they discovered that their interest in each other and fast-moving romance was just an island vacation thing, and didn’t transfer into their regular lives of June being a corporate accountant in Portland and Lance running a couple of health-food stores in neighboring Vancouver.

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