2017 RONE Awards Week Five

  • Cops, Jocks and Cowboys (6 finalists)
    Contemporary: Sweet (3 finalists)
    Suspense / Thriller: Short (2 finalists)

Voting Period: May 15 - 21, 2017.

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Cops, Jocks and Cowboys - 2017

Since there are more than 25 nominees, you can vote for 2 books.

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Contemporary: Sweet - 2017

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Suspense / Thriller: Short - 2017

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I just voted for Kennerh Eade and his Paladine book.  I have read all his novels and they are a very good and worth the time.

An excellent read!

I have just discovered Kenneth Eade, and his thriller Paladine is a real page turner. Robert Garcia....... Hero or Criminal make your own mind up by reading this great book. Really looking forward to ther books from Mr Eade. 

Voted for Love's Broken Road by Julie Coulter Belton. Great book. Nice sweet romance.

Diamond in the Rough gets my vote...love that Lori Robinett gal. 

Read this book. It's awesome. Remember to vote.

I love Patrice Locke's writing. This book is SO funny. 

Good book

A very very good book! 

Just loved Alison's writing, funny, a mystery thriller and all round entertaining. Ruby really found her feet in life but just couldn't put the brakes on once she was on a roll.

Just voted for Loves Broken Road 

I hope this book wins! Loved it!!!!

The "jock" in this novel is the heroine! Cool! Voted!!!!