2017 RONE Awards Week Five

  • Cops, Jocks and Cowboys (6 finalists)
    Contemporary: Sweet (3 finalists)
    Suspense / Thriller: Short (2 finalists)

Voting Period: May 15 - 21, 2017.

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Cops, Jocks and Cowboys - 2017

Since there are more than 25 nominees, you can vote for 2 books.

Return to Ruby's Ranch - Rhonda Frankhouser
9% (83 votes)
Beauty and the Bull Rider - Victoria Vane
7% (63 votes)
Igniting Andrew - Elizabeth Rose
7% (68 votes)
Changes of the Heart - Debra Erfert
7% (66 votes)
Border Affair - Hebby Roman
6% (57 votes)
Two to Wrangle - Victoria Vane
6% (52 votes)
Moving to You - PJ Fiala
6% (56 votes)
Diamond in the Rough - Lori. L. Robinett
6% (57 votes)
Jockeying For You - Stacy Hoff
5% (51 votes)
Physical Distraction - Sierra Hill
4% (41 votes)
Remember the Night - Nicole Leiren
4% (41 votes)
Brake Failure - Alison Brodie
3% (30 votes)
All I Ever Wanted - Katrina Mills
3% (31 votes)
Arms of Promise - Crystal Walton
3% (28 votes)
Check Out - Debra Parmley
3% (24 votes)
When Time Falls Still - Brenda Margriet
3% (33 votes)
Chocolate Cowboy - Kirsten Lynn
2% (21 votes)
Gun Shy - Diane Saxon
2% (23 votes)
Her Last Love - H. C. Bentley
2% (22 votes)
All That the Heart Desires - June Moonbridge
2% (17 votes)
Scoring Position - V. K. Sykes
2% (22 votes)
Time Out - Jim Cangany
2% (19 votes)
Before You - Kathryn Freeman
1% (10 votes)
Fighting for Control - Melynda Price
1% (5 votes)
Hard Knocks - Ruby Lang
1% (10 votes)
Forever Her Captain - Frank Borne
1% (10 votes)
Singled Out: Breaking Pointe - Amy Elizabeth
0% (3 votes)
Underground - Cecilia Johanna
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 943

Contemporary: Sweet - 2017

Not Quite Perfect - Catherine Bybee
16% (81 votes)
Fearless Destiny - Annette Bower
12% (59 votes)
Mix 'N' Match - Lindzee Armstrong
9% (47 votes)
Marry Your Billionaire - C. J. Anaya
8% (39 votes)
Hawaiian Masquerade - Rachelle J. Christensen
7% (35 votes)
Exit Signs - Patrice Locke
7% (33 votes)
Love's Broken Road - Julie Coulter Bellon
7% (34 votes)
Fire and Midnight - Sandra Renee Appet
6% (30 votes)
What the Gambler Risks - Kristina Knight
5% (24 votes)
Love Under Construction - Danyelle Ferguson
5% (25 votes)
Cole and Jillian - Jennifer Peel
3% (13 votes)
His Personal Relationship Manager - Jennifer Peel
3% (17 votes)
Falling for Home - Jody Holford
3% (15 votes)
A Heart for the Holidays - Dana Volney
3% (15 votes)
Building Mr. Darcy - Ashlinn Craven
3% (14 votes)
Between Heaven and Earth - Michele Paige Holmes
2% (9 votes)
Gladly Beyond - Nichole Van
1% (4 votes)
Four Chambers - Julie Wright
1% (6 votes)
Total votes: 500

Suspense / Thriller: Short - 2017

Paladine - Kenneth Eade
22% (115 votes)
Barefoot Bay: Wild on the Rocks - Kiersten Hallie Krum
9% (45 votes)
Love and the Shameless Lady - Barbara Monajem
8% (43 votes)
The Second Man - Emelle Gamble
7% (39 votes)
One Wrong Move - Angela Smith
7% (39 votes)
The Dragon's Staircase - McKenna Grey/Everly Archard
6% (30 votes)
Illusions of Death - Lauren Linwood
6% (32 votes)
The To Do List - Sharon Struth
6% (29 votes)
Hook, Line, Murder - Jerri Drennen
5% (25 votes)
Taming the Texas Beauty - Jody Vitek
5% (26 votes)
Broken Justice, Blind Love - Rena Koontz
4% (21 votes)
Theirs by Chance - Karen Ann Dell
3% (14 votes)
The Assassin's Kiss - J. A. Kazimer
3% (17 votes)
Chasing Memories - Anna James
3% (17 votes)
Tattooed as Trouble - J. L. Hammer
3% (14 votes)
Betting Blind - Lily Gardner
2% (9 votes)
Banking on Love - Anna James
2% (12 votes)
Total votes: 527


Diane Saxon is a fabulous author, has released numerous books in the last four years and stands out with her style and approach to subjects, well researched, grammatically accurate and easy read.  Ther plots are well thought through, consistent and accurate.  The books are error free and available through so many retail outlets.She deserves recognition for the great reviews she receives and pleasure she gives to her readers.

Great read!

Thank you

Can't get enough of author Sierra Hill.  Love her books! 


Thank you. Voted 


Voted for Igniting Andrew.

15May,2017I just voted for: CopsJocks & Cowboys by Lori L. RobinettAction,Funny, Mystery, Love & Romance this Read had it all.Highly RecommendedBy: MN1 Robert Bobby BriggsAKA: Bobby the Sea Going HillbillyUSN Retired

...a great name for this book. A wild ride of a book.

I love reading for enjoyment and Exit Signs was a joy to read!

Please don't ever combine Romance with Erotica.  They are nothing alike!

Just voted for Exit Signs by Patrice Locke!  I highly recommend this book!

voted :)

I voted

Love that the brothers of her Tarnished Saints series are from a small midwestern town. Enjoyable to see the characters pop up in the other books. These boys will keep you entertained!

I loved this book. Read it and Vote for it!


Thanks to InD'tale Magazine for their support of romance authors, both big and small. If you haven't read ILLUSIONS OF DEATH, you're missing a hot cop and stressed out writer who join forces to bring down the Rainbow Serial Killer. Good luck to all my fellow nominees! 

Loved this book :)

Loved the book.

This is a wonderful book and have enjoyed reading it more than once.  Thanks Annette

Dear Readnow17,I'm embarrassed to say that I hadn't realized there were comments for me. Thank you so much for your vote and because of your support, Fearless Destiny is a finalist in the 2017 RONE award. Yours truly,Annette 

Loved The Second Man!  Voted! 

Thanks, Linda.  As always, you are a blessing. XXX Emelle Gamble

Thanks and best to Annette

Dear Dorread,Thank you for voting for Fearless Destiny. With your help, Fearless Destiny is in the finals. I'm so excited. Yours truly,Annette 

Loved it!

Brake Failure has it all:  romance, side-splitting laughs and suspense. 

I love anything by Stacy Holt. Her books combine adventure with romance.


Love Lindzee Armstrong and her books! Light and easy reads that take me away from "real life" for a while! Hers are on my list of books to read!!

Voted! !

Huge thanks to InD'Tale Magazine for their marvelous and dedicated support of independent and self-pubbed writers. Good luck to all my fellow nominees! So thankful to be a part of this group.And thanks to all you readers who are voting! All of us writers would be nowhere without you.For a hot and sexy suspeseful ride of a story, check out WILD ON THE ROCKS (now on sale for $.99 at Amazon)! Can a woman on the run from the Russian mob trust the Navy SEAL husband she once abandoned? Find out in WILD ON THE ROCKS. 

Received a copy of Changes of the Heart  during a stay at the VA.  Loved the plot and suspense of this story.  Who does she choice.....the Deputy or the Historian.  Have to read to find out....will not come from my lips. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! What a great review! Thank you!!! And I'm so glad your lips were sealed about who Grace ends up with! LOL!!! 

Excellent novel!!!

Sierra Hill Rocks! 

Fearless Destiny. Wonderful books always by this author Annette B. I been hooked from her first book I have read. Awesome.

Hello Ana,Because of your help, Fearless Destiny is in the Finals. Thank you for your support. You have been hooked since the first book and I appreciate that so much. Yours truly,Annette  

You will love this series.  Keep them coming.

Eade deals with legal issues that are sensitive to our world and country today.  Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.  Paladine is a fictional hero who overcomes adverse issues to save the main character in the story.  H elives a nomadic life so he may be in your area today protecting you and others from harm! 

A quality book provides the safest form of escapism, no side effects. (Assuming you have the sense not to attempt driving while reading) I don't want to slip and provide any spoilers so I'll just say that I hope those who pick up this book enjoy it as much as I did.

I am happy to be able to vote for Paladine...in fact, I've read the 4 books in the series, to date, and would vote for each and every one of the books...The author has taken us into thrillers that could be cut from today's headlines...We understand the situations, how the main character became who he is...and know that, though an assassin, he works always against world terrorists...Great reading for those who enjoy "a cut above" for thriller action...This book alone has received over 1100 hits on my blog... Book Readers Heavenhttp://gabixlerreviews-bookreadersheaven.blogspot.com/2016/12/paladine-b...GABixlerReviews

I have read the Paladine books and find them to be extremely entertaining and exciting.  

I have been a follower of the Paladine character throughout the series. I have reviewed each in Amazon. Eade grows as a writer steadily, and I am happy to vote for him. I am currently reading "Unwanted", the latest book. I would also recommend Eade's other books as good reads. Eade writes each book with a specific theme that is current in politics. This adds to the value of the story.Jim Talcott

Easy, but exciting reads!

Good read - keeps your attention - most are violent if that is too much for you - characters are interesting and defined - just enough intrique - easy to read - hard to put down

voted, good luck to all.