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2016 RONE Awards Week Six

  • Historical Post-Medieval
  • Inspirational
  • YA Paranormal

Voting Period: May 23 - 29, 2016

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Historical Post-Medieval - 2016

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Inspirational - 2016

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YA Paranormal - 2016

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Congratulations to all the nominees! 

For nominating my novel The Beauty of You. I'm so grateful!Jennifer Wenn

I hope this is the correct way to vote!

Hi there! I noticed you put the name of your book in a comment. I'm one of the other nominees but I just wanted to point out that you vote by clicking on the teeny-tiny circle beside the name of the book. It's kind of easy to miss. I hope you see this in time to vote for your choice!

Thank you for your help, the first two times I tried to vote the options only had a bullet not the little circle. But the third one is the lucky one! I already voted. Thanks again!

I'm guessing that we are supposed to vote here in the comments? Here are my votes for the categories.Historical Post Medieval- Maria Grace's Mistaking Her CharacterInspiration- sorry, I haven't read any of thoseYA Paranormal- Lizzy Ford's Omega

Hi there! I'm one of the nominees. I noticed you put your vote in the comments. Did you also click tin the tiny circle beside the name of the book? I'm not sure the votes in comments will be counted. Have a great week!

I'm delighted and grateful that Moonstone Conspiracy has been nominated!

I'm absolutely over the moon to be nominated. Shattered Memories means so much to me  personally and to be nominated is such an honour! 

Such a thrill to be nominated

I did.

Congratulations to all the nominees! Good Luck to all!!

Great book!

 Bette Lee Crosby has written a lovely series that is so involving it makes you care about all the characters. 

Congrstulations Bette on your nomination. 

Congratulations to all.

I vote for Heir Of Hope by Stephenia H MCGee. Hope this is the right way to vote 

I voted

Voted for Passing Through Perfect. Great book. Good luck everyone. 

I've read both Sirens of Falkeld by Julie Tuovi and Heir of Pendel by Barbara Kloss.  Both are fantastic books and  both deserve to be nominated for this award! 

I voted for Stepping Stones by Kacey Vanderkarr. Best of luck.

With or without a RONE, Heir of Pendel is a winner!

I have my fingers crossed, Shereen.

I want to vote for "A Devilish Slumber" but can't find the vote button. 

Voting for this unusual Pride and Prejudice variation by Maria Grace.

Absolutley legit Book! 

I am thrilled that 'Mistaking Her Character' by Maria Grace has been nominated.  I have voted for her as this book was gripping!

Good luck to all the Authors

Good luck, Bette Lee Crosby and all the other authors! 

Good Luck, Bette Lee Crosby!!!

Go, TammyJo! so AWESOME!!!! Cannot believe she isn't famous yet...Barbara Kloss's series is so AWESOME! Read's just like a movie. I hope she wins!!!!!

We both loved your book series so much! We are telling everyone we know that read them to vote!Steph and Jeff

Good Luck Elizabeth and to all other nominees.

I love historical romances, especially by authors who do their homework. If you are lucky enough to do so, please read Walker's historicals. It's like you're there in the past, entangled in both history and romance.

A special congratulations to Betty Crosby. I hope you win. Shalom aleichem,Pat Garcia

Good luck to Bette Lee Crosby!

I absolutely LOVE her writing!!!

Did and done that. Good luck everyone.

Thank you InD'tale for this opportunity! 

Good Luck to all of the RONE contestants, I wish I could vote for all of you.Thanks for your efforts,Tema MerbackWriting as Belle Ami

Good luck all.Tracey A Wood

So happy for your nomination and I hope that my vote and all the others will garner you the win in your category. Much luck to a wonderful writer. Cynthia B. 

Thanks for nominating me. A year ago, I was just trying to figure out self-publishing... now this! Thank you!

Wishing you the best of luck Bette!

Best of luck with your nomination! I hope you win. What fun you must be having right now! 

Congratulations to ALL nominees! I'd like to vote and read a bit of everything, however, a vote is necessary and I must stick to what I know and love. Good luck to all!!

Sending a giant thank you and a great big virtual hug to all the fans and followers who have been voting for Passing through Perfect. I am so honored to be nominated in this competition. Happy writing to all these wonderful authors.



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