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Writing accurate medical scenes can be a challenge. They’re not always easy to research, and Hollywood seems to make up their own rules about what’s realistic. Writers have a challenging time trying to tell truth from fiction when it comes to what really happens in the trauma bay. As a Fantasy author, I had this same puzzle, but luckily, I had help.

Recipe For Success

You've brainstormed an original plot, created memorable characters and sprinkled intrigue, romance, and humor through your story like it was a delicious ice cream sundae, but if you want a truly delectable confection, you should follow this recipe for success: Step 1.

Formulaic? You Bet!

If you’re a reader of Romance novels, you’ve probably heard the complaint that Romances are just too formulaic. They follow too strict a pattern: boy meets girl; girl and boy are attracted; boy and girl face obstacles; girl and boy get each other in the end and live—wait for it—happily ever after. Okay, I won’t argue there isn’t a formula, but I will argue with complaining about it.

Confession: There was a time when I had an attitude about self-published authors. For years, I assumed these writers self-published their books because they’d been rejected by all the traditional publishers. I assumed their books weren’t any good—at least not good enough. But, we all know what they say about those who assume, right?Flashback to October 2013.

Bringing The Page To Life
Barbara Gaskell

As an author who loves to create atmosphere in my books, it has always interested me to know when readers think there is too much description. That is a subject important to bothreaders and authors. Many readers proclaim their dislike of too much, and many authors find it difficult to discover the perfect balance. I love to include description in my historical and fantasy books.