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Candy Cane and Cookie Crumb attended my high school in suburban Pennsylvania. The girls spelled their names with more flourish than the letters I used here, and Candy’s legal name was Candice, but the consequences of their too-sweet identities remained the same—no one took them seriously.

Science fiction is a genre known for its technical and often intricate world building, its epic battles and futuristic technologies.  Romance, however, is rarely a required aspect... until now.  E.G.

“What do you know about love? You’re just kids.”
“Finish school first. Love can wait.”
“You have your whole future...why marry now?”

Editing is one of the largest concerns of nearly every author - whether big or small, and some of the largest names have written down their own “How-To’s” on how to do it yourself. Which is fine...if you’re them.

From a medaled Air Force Officer to a foreign Attaché, to a trusted executive at the Pentagon, Carla Bass has lived an exciting life!  And, through it all she has had the opportunity to help countless officers rise through the ranks.  How?  By teaching them how to write effectively!  Her methods have become so popular that they are now in book form for all to benefit from.  Come chat with her a