Blood On The Page: How One Author Cheats Medical Correctness


Writing accurate medical scenes can be a challenge. They’re not always easy to research, and Hollywood seems to make up their own rules about what’s realistic. Writers have a challenging time trying to tell truth from fiction when it comes to what really happens in the trauma bay. As a Fantasy author, I had this same puzzle, but luckily, I had help. After writing ten novels, all with bits and pieces of medical fiction woven throughout, I’ve picked up a few tricks on how to write technically accurate scenes.
My writing journey started while my husband suffered through a grueling residency program to become a surgeon. I took up writing, in part, to keep my sanity through those eighty-hour work weeks while my husband was away, and also to keep my sanity because I was raising five small children.
When my husband made appearances at home during every blue moon, in his sleep-muddled state, I began peppering him with questions. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find the information online—I could, possibly—but I wanted the real, nitty-gritty medical correctness that could only come from the source.

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