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When I was young, my mother took myself and my four siblings to the doctor. It was a monumental undertaking, something she didn’t take on lightly. We were all threatened within an inch of our lives--the threat? “You will behave, or I will tell your father.” A threat which would cause a ten-year-old to quake in her boots. Being the middle child, I was lucky enough not to have to go first, or even second. But that also meant I knew what was coming. So when I heard shots, I did something that would stick with me to this day--and go down in the hall of history within our family. I stole the keys out of my mother’s purse, locked myself in the family van, and refused to get out. I hid in the back seat, and no amount of screaming or threats from my mother could get me to open the door. After pleading with me, she eventually gave up. In my ten-year-old mind, I believed I had won and sat in the van victorious and proud. That is until my father showed up with the extra set of keys. With my father standing outside the van, the shots were the least of my worries. So what does this have to do with today--many, many years later?

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