2018 RONE Awards Week Six

  • Mystery (4 finalists)
    Fantasy (5 finalists)
    Contemporary: Steamy (5 finalists)

Voting Period: May 21 - 27, 2018


Mystery (4 finalists)

Hollywood Heresay 1: The Missing Baby Star - Barbara Morgenroth
Frosted with Revenge - Catherine Bruns
Velvet on a Tuesday Afternoon - Clive Rosengren
Calamity at the Continental Club - Colleen J. Shogan
One Fell Swoop - David Lindzee
Two Heads Are Deader Than One - Elena Hartwell
Sacrifical Lam - Gary Guinn
Cathy's World - M. A. R. Unger
Dadgummit - Maggie Toussaint
River Whispers - Rachelle J. Christensen
Spine Damage - Sharon St. George
The Executioner - Shauna Allen
Redemption Lake - Susan Clayton-Goldner

Contemporary: Steamy (5 finalists)

The Girl I Didn't Marry - Annabelle Costa
Diamond in the Rough - Brenda Jernigan
Resolutions - Carol Warham
Love in Hiding - Diane Holiday
Chased - Kate Carley
Captured Memories - Katherine McIntyre
Playing House - Laura Chapman
Chaos Theory - Merry Farmer
The Island - Mia Silverton
One Last Dance - Nancy Stopper
Finding Forever - Nika Rhone
Restless in L.A. - Robin Finn
Wildest Dreams - Savannah Kade
Broken Wide Open - Susan Griscom
Saying I Do - Tracey Alvarez
Camden - Xio Axelrod

Fantas(5 finalists)

Dragon Laird - Alyna Lochlan
Thief of the Night Guild - Andy Peloquin
Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key - D. Thomas Jerlo
River Spell - D.B. Sieders
Happily Ever After Collection - Jessica Day George. Julie Wright, Julie Daines, Sarah M. Eden, Heather B. Moore, Annette Lyon
Shadows of Ghosts - L. A. McGinnis
Heart of Frankenstein - Lexi Post
Heart of Malice - Lisa Edmonds
Quest of a Warrior - Mary Morgan
Evil Speaks Softly - Maureen L. Bonatch
Garden of Light - Meara Platt
The Edict - P.J. Keyworth
Ember - Paula Quinn
Hidden: Tales of Ryca - Shereen Vedam


This is a 5 score read. Keep up with Eddie’s cases as a PI, as well as his part time acting career. You’ll be glad you spent time with Eddie.