2017 RONE Awards Week One

  • Novella (4 finalists)
  • Inspirational (4 finalists)
  • Historical: Ancient - 16th Century (2 finalists)

Voting Period: April 17 - 23, 2017

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Novella - 2017

*Since the category has more than 25 nominees, two votes per user are allowed.

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Inspirational - 2017

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Historical: Ancient - 16th Century - 2017

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I love A Cowboy For Christmas by Susan Fisher-Davis. Awesome story. A tearjerker with a HEA.

Got my vote in!  Good luck to Ms. Lund / Mirror Mirror and all these wonderful authors!

Loved this book!

This book was like no other I have read before, loved the twists and turns!



Write Me Home is one of Crystal Walton's best books ever!  I am a huge fan and love the way her stories capture you right away and you can't put the books down until you finish! This book deserves this award and recognition!  Thank you!

Whohoo! Voted for Anna Lowe & Melissa Snark. Love their books!!!!! Good Luck ! :) JULI

I voted for Paper Love in the Novella section! 

Boy, they don't make it easy, do they? Congratulations to all of the nominated authors! 

Voted for Paper Love <3

Amazing story!!!! Good luck!!


Paper Love 

Voted for Paper Love

Go damnation!

Totally awesome!!!!


I voted

Hunters Mark and Damnation

Rachel Laine! <3 

Loved this book

Losing Lincoln by Stephenia McGee


great Book loved the story


Anna Lowe all the way 

So many great novellas to choose from!

Love Linda Joyce! "Behind The Mask" was a great read. Add it to your library today! Cast your vote for Linda Joyce's "Behind The Mask"!!!!

So many talented authors, so many fantastic books. I can hardly wait to see who wins.

Best of luck to all particapets 

An amazing Author. I haven't read a book by her that I haven't loved. She worth checking out if you want a great read!

I voted! 

Good luck to both Angeline and Suzan....A Question Worth Asking and Ian's Rose are both terrific books and definitely worthy of winning their respective categories.


Best of wishes......

Good luck!

Good luck to all!

Good luck!!

I voted

Voted too bad you can only vote for one as I see many I would vote for. This was a hard choice with so much talent. Good Luck Sláinte mhath everyone! Celtic Barbee

<p>Good Luck Anna Lowe.</p><p>I love your books! &nbsp;<img alt="cheeky" height="20" src="http://www.indtale.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/image... title="cheeky" width="20" /></p><p>&nbsp;</p>


The Scent of Lilac was an awesome book.

I voted, good luck to all nominated!

Don't read many inspirationals so I don't lnow the authors in that category.

Good luck to all of the nominees!