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2016 RONE Awards Week Four

  • American Historical
  • YA General
  • Cops, Jocks and Cowboys

Voting Period: May 9 - 15, 2016.

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American Historical - 2016

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Young Adult: General - 2016

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Cops, Jocks and Cowboys - 2016

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I want to vote for How to Fell a Timberman by Sharla Rae. I can't figure out how to vote.

Voting starts on May 9th for How To Fell A Timberman.

I'm delighted to be in such great company with all these American Historical authors who are up for RONE Awards! Ballad Beauty was a joy to write, and a RONE nomination makes it even sweeter. Lauren Linwood

Locke and Load and Cowboy Payback by Donna Michaels gets my vote.

If you want to cast a vote for a worthy book in the YA/General category, please vote for Joshua's Island. It is a brilliant book about a friendship, unity and love and how it can be used to overcome bullying.

I vote for Joshua's Island

Thank you so much!!

Voted for Joshua's Island!

I want to cast a vote for Joshua's Island. Barbara Renner

Vote for both of Donna Micheals books. They are great books and worth the nomination.

I would like to vote for Cowboy Payback by Donna Michaels and Locke and Load by Donna Michaels.  Thank you!!

So grateful and proud to have my debut novel, SHADOW OF THE HAWK, in the running for a RONE Award! Thank you!

So grateful and proud to have my debut novel, SHADOW OF THE HAWK, in the running for a RONE Award! Thank you!

I vote for Shadow of the Hawk

I am thrilled to have been nomiated for the RONE award  for my debut novel, A Secret and A Kiss!

Tami's  books  are a great read, you wont want to put them down once you start. 

The Blemished Brides series that In His Touch is in keeps things fresh with an interesting angle...Heroines that have some kind of physical limitation, and heroes who love them because of the inner strength and beauty they possess. Cade is a HOT hero, and Laura is a strong and beautiful heroine. They are well matched. Vote for In HIs Touch!!! (In His Touch is part of a series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone)

This is awesome.  If you don't know who to vote for vote for this book!

I voted for Donna Michaels Cowboy Payback

Voted for Peggy L Henderson. I loved the way Peggy brought the characters toether. I've read all of Peggy's books and she never disappoints. 

What a charming book with a wonderful message of love and acceptance. Pulling for it!

My 11 year old granddaughter really likes this book. 

My vote has been cast for Peggy L. Henderson's In His Touch! I fell in love with Ms. Henderson's work with her first series. Her writing continues to draw me in, and this book certainly meets and exceeds all my expectations! 

I love all of Casey peepers books if u want a down to earth southern charm book u need to read southern perfection

I voted for my favorite, Southern Perfection, by Casey Peeler 

I'm thankful to be nominated along with some very talented authors in the American Historical category. A Time for Everything was about 5 years in the making, but it was definitely worth the time and research I put into it. Good luck to you all!

Excellent book

I vote for A Journey Home 


Jen Greyson, "Cowgrrl Up" gets my vote. Everything Greyson writes is beautifully crafted and compelling.

  All of Peggy's books are Great reads 5 *****

Great book! I love all of Kathryn Biels books! 

This is another great story in this series from Peggy Henderson. All the books in this series bring the characters from each book together again and you feellike you are revisiting them.  The stories are of strong women that have  a disability that doesn't get in the way of their indepenence and strong hearts full of love.  I voted for In His Touch.

Voted for Peggy L Henderson

Loved Jump, Jive, and Wail!

I'm voting for "A Secret and a Kiss."  There are no voting buttons visible on the page from multiple browsers, and there are no titles listed for any book in any category except in the comments sections.

Voting for A Secret and a Kiss.

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